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What is Mediation?

Mediation is a powerful tool to help REALTORS®, and sometimes REALTORS® and their clients, resolve disputes that might otherwise be arbitrated.

  •         Mediation is offered by the Alaska REALTORS® as an alternative to arbitration.  If the mediation is unsuccessful, the parties are free to arbitrate.
  •         Mediation is typically a voluntary process, though REALTOR® associations can mandate mediation of otherwise arbitrable disputes pursuant to             Article 17.
  •         Mediation can resolve disputes, promote amicable resolutions, and reduce the number of cases requiring more formal and complex arbitration.
Mediation Officer

The Alaska REALTORS® offers trained mediation officers as a neutral third party. If any party objects to the mediation officer (i.e., potential conflict of interest) another mediation officer can be assigned.


  • Low cost
  • Little Delay
  • Maximum range of solutions
  • Parties control the outcome
  • Uncertain closure
  • Maintains/improves relationships


  • Moderate cost
  • Moderate delay
  • Win/lose/split
  • Arbitrators control the outcome
  • Definite closure
  • May harm relationships

Benefits of Mediation

  • Mediation process is private.
  • The parties have complete control over the outcome.
  • The mediation officer is an experienced facilitator familiar with real estate practice and custom.
  • Low cost.
  • Improves relationships (parties respond to each other and explain/explore information, needs, ideas and feelings).
  • Maximum range of solutions beyond money.


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