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The Alaska Leadership Academy is modeled after the National Association of REALTORS®. In 2021 the Alaska REALTORS® proudly graduated its first class of candidates. The Academy engages the participants in a year-long professional development program through five sessions held across the state. Participants work together in training courses, combining individual study, group session and actual project experience in using leadership skills. Training sessions include identification of leadership skills, team-building exercises, procedures for goal setting, personal profile analysis, network building and improving communication skills.


Bobby Desrochers, 2021 Graduate

ARLA Chair

Leadership program overview

 Session 1: Leveraging Your Leadership Style

Session 1 will provide the foundation and expectation for all sessions and begin with exploring your leadership style. Leveraging your leadership style focuses on the individual and their personality traits.  This session delves into how the same and different personalities affect outcomes and attitudes. The goal is to help the individual better understand their own thought process on how to interact with other people who may or may not have the same personality type. This session will explore your why, your passion and the steps to take to accomplish your goals.


Session 2: Leading in An Organization

Session 2 will introduce the leadership academy participants to the three-way agreement between the Local, State and National associations.  Leading in An Organization will guide the participants on how to navigate through the levels and learning about leadership from the volunteer leader perspective.  This session will address questions such as; How do you balance what is asked of you, but still keep your business going?  How to watch out for the pitfalls of toxic leadership and/or mentorship? This session will build on what was learned in the first session to better utilize the different personality types to deal with different situations.


 Session 3: Finding Your Voice

The number one fear for most people is speaking in public - or in front of groups. Session 3 focuses on overcoming this fear and finding your voice through tools and techniques.  There will be hands on training to help participants learn how to control their voices and the importance of body language.  Finding Your Voice will have the greatest impact on the candidates, because they will see immediate results.


 Session 4: Legislative and RPAC

Session 4 will focus on a deep dive into RPAC and My Realtor Party. Why is it important? How does it benefit our business and property owners? How to find available grants that are beneficial on the local and state levels; understand what it takes to apply for these grants.  What is the difference between hard and soft dollars when raising funds? Facilitators in Session 4 will bring perspectives and experiences from a national and state level.


Session 5: Everything Matters & Graduation

Everything Matters is a culmination of all the sessions, with a diverse group of authors and/or other facilitators.  The session will focus on understanding the secret of outstanding achievement is not merely talent, but a special blend of passion and persistence.  Class speeches will be given at this time and graduation will take place at the Grand Session of your convention.  Examples of successful materials within this session include: Grit by Angela Duckworth, Toy Box Leadership by Michael Waddell, Crucial Conversations by Al Switzler and Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott.


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